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Vizio TV 'power on' issues

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Vizio VX42L 10A ... must have been hit by lightning. Amber/orange light is on but TV wont turn on. I can unplug the unit and let it sit a while, then plug it back in and wait for it to cycle (must hear a click) and then it will cut on.... As long as I do it right after it 'clicks'
If I wait too long it will not cut on.
A few times, when it did come on, the screen soon would freeze. To rectify I just start the process all over.
I own several Vizio tv's and have had some success replacing main boards when a tuner, or HDMI goes out.
Unfortunately this TV has totally different issues.
I took the back off and dont see any obvious issues. Basically want to know if anyone has had similar issues and whether this is likely a main board or power supply board?


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Try this. No guarantees. Find the logic supply that's on all of the time, Unplug the TV. Short that supply overnight. Remove short. Plug in and see if it works. Shorting all of the low voltage supplies might even be better. Watch out for batteries.

I've yet to use this on TV's. I did use it on a Furnace Thermostat, a mouse, a calculator, a car clock, a bicycle computer etc. Usually 30s is enough. The mouse took overnight to fix. The Thermostat two weeks of no power and no jumper. The Thermostat had a stuck backlight. Two years and still fine.
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