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vintage color organ will not work HELP!

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I am a vintage sound & light 1970's era collector that has just had his light organ stop working!
I have had this since 1979 and it worked great when sound was playing in background.
But now she just won't light up anymore!
I opened the light box and checked all the lights for a burt out one just in case because light strings of that vintage era usually kill all light connections should one burn out.
Result: nothing!
I changed all 8 lights with new christmas bulbs and also nothing!
I checked all wire connections for breaks, again nothing!
I looked at the small board and nothing appeared damaged or missing!
There was a white enclosed 2"x2" box that had this board inside that I looked at and wires inside but no visual damage found.
I really love this vintage light box set up and don't want to throw it out if it can be fixed in any way.
Can anyone help me out here??
Can anyone give me a simple layman terms part list of things to do or things to replace and where to find items needed?
I just spent 2 hours searching google for a solution but because I do not understand electronic terms and drawings I am about as dumb as a bag of hammers on this one.
If it's better to replace the lights and guts of unit rather than trouble shoot, how would I do this?
Thank you in advanced.Dazed


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I doubt anyone will be able to help you much without seeing the board and figuring out what components are on it. Try posting a few close up photos of it.

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