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Video philips

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I have philips VCR. when I turen it on (without cassette inside) it makes me noises of moving film and then turen himself off. If I turn it on by pushing a cassette inside, the problem doesn't exist, or if the VRC is open (I mean without the cover) the problem doesn't exist too.

the secound problem is when I press REW, the right head spins and give the film but the left head doesn't spin and doesn't gather the film.
this problem comes and go.

Does anyone know how to fix my VRC???

thanks ahead.

Nigel Goodwin

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Philips VCR's are well known for being very poorly made, for most models you can buy service/repair kits which contain the parts that usually break.

There may be more than one kit for the model you have, and you have to find out which kit contains the parts you require.

However, it's usually a really big job to fit the parts, and you need to know how to realign the mechanism.

As a non-Philips dealer we refuse to accept them for repair (as do much of the TV service trade).
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