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Video Descramblers

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(Not cable descramblers because thats illegal ::wink wink::)

I wan't to build one. Now iv read the Article from 1999 about Universal Descrambler and thats great but its very low tech. I'm looking for one to build using some new technology or newer techniques such as PICS and other IC's to make the circuit smaller more simple to build and cheaper to build.

The reason i chose this project is because it will give me something to work for which will allow me to stay focused on it and not stray away like i do with alot of other stuff.

Basicly im looking for ways to turn that 1999 project into a more modern project.

Also im fairly new to electronics so i need alot of help with this. Im hoping to use it as a learning experience so im not asking for a schematic or anything im simply asking all of you who are more experienced and could do this with their eyes closed to help guide me in the right direction by maybe creating a block diagram of the difernt parts i will need to construct and then tell me about some components that is should research to build certain parts of the descrambler and then hopefully i will be able to put them all together to make one working descrambler which i will use for educational purposes only ::wink::


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Hi Squintz,
Here is a link: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Vista/7055/cable.htm
I built one of these some years back and it was somewhat of a b*tch.
I've been building circuits for 40 years (a few of them working for a tv tuner/descrambler manufacturer) and this was a challenge to get it working good. This is not a project to dive into unless you REALLY want to learn some electronics. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED :twisted:

Good luck with it !.....Tony

On further inspection of the website I did not find an actual link to schematics of the circuit....that is the one I built though. More googling should find it.....


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Thats the 1999 article i have already read and studied for about 2 days but it seams like its a pin in the but because it uses switches and the skill of and eyeball to sync the signal and if there is the slightest glitch you have to get off the couch and go to the box. and hit some switches and turn some puts to get it to re lock. I once owned a descrabler that all you did was plug it in and it worked. it had an ir sensor im assuming this was like a switch. and every time you turned the channel with the remote the box would lock on that channel. I got rid of it because although i could get the spice channel which was great. It actually knocked out the channels i was already paying for like HBO and CMAX...

Is this the only article on the net. I mean atleast twice a week i get the question " Oh your an electronic Tech for a living." "Can you build me one of those cable descramblers" and of course i say no because i dont want to assist in any illegal activities. But if the subject is so frequent and so many people want to know how to make them then why is the answer so hard to find on the internet...

I guess the answer is to study more about how they work. And finish learning how to program PICS and then design my own.

The question still remains of are there any more modern examples on the internet?
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