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Victor 9805a multimeter is driving me nuts?

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I bought this meter a few years ago instructions are written in Chinese writing. I need to check some choke coils to find out their value but I get no reading. Red test wire is in the red color hole for volts/ohms/HZ. The black test wire is in the black color Common hole. The smallest setting on the selector switch is 2mH meter reads nothing when connected to any of about 30 chokes.

I have no clue if the AC/DC switch needs to be in AC or DC or it makes not difference?

I tried checking capacitors I get nothing on that setting either?

Volts & ohms both work.

I am trying to wind my own 100uH choke.

I can not find any instructions online there are a dozen variations of this meter.

Attached is a picture of my meter copied and pasted from Facebook I guess there is no way to upload pics to the forum.
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