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VCR adapter to audio signal

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I am new to this website. I am looking for someone who could advise me on a project I am interested in doing. I am interested in having a VCR modified/created in the following manner: Instead of the digital tuner and programming/recording abilities tuned to a video signal, I would like to be able to have the tuner for the video signal replaced with an AM-FM digital stereo tuner, which would then be able to function in conjunction with the timer to record certain broadcasts on preselected frequencies on AM and FM at different times in much the same manner that several television programs can be preselected to be recorded at different times on different channels, and at different speeds on a weekly basis. The different audio signals could then be recorded on the audio portion of the videotape.
I own a Radio Shack DX-392 reciever/cassette player which can record 1 hour's worth of programming one time on a preselected frequency at one time in the day, but a VCR which was modified in this fashion might be able to record several different radio programs on several different frequencies, up to 6-8 hour's worth of programming in EP or SLP mode.
I don't know a whole lot about digital programming, but I think that something like this might be able to be designed or built with today's technologies, and perhaps might be something an electronics hobbyist might be able to advise me on or help me with. I think I saw in a catalogue somewhere once that you can even purchase IC's which can be programmed by the purchaser to perform certain functions.
Any help or advise which anyone might be able to give me on this, or any more experienced hobbyists which might be able to do something like this who could tell me how this might be accomplished would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Greg Lindstrom
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