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Using PICs for GPS

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i found this site


they have a working GPS system built using the PIC16f84 and supplied with it is both the hex code and the assembly code used to program the PIC

I want to know the basics to this PIC. I want to know what all the outputs are for so that i could possibly use it in a circuit and use the output of the chip and feed a transmitter with the location of the GPS unit. I dont have any real projects in mind but i think its great that you have the versatility to do just about anything you want with that Program.


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I think most ppl use gps receiver modules for this. Seems a bit to complicated to do yourself


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Garmin and Motorola both make easy to use GPS modules, and software to use them on a PC.You will definately need to take some time and learn the PIC to interface the modules with the PIC.
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