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using inductor in flyback converter for nixie power supply

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using inductor in boost converter for nixie power supply

Hi all, my friends

I am doing a simple power supply for nixie tube base on this schematic

But I can not find 100uH/1A in stock

I only found 330uH inductor in the shop, pitty me

So, could I replace 100uH with 330uH to have this 12V to 200V DC/DC converter worked

Thank you all for answering my noob question and have a great day !

PS: here is my modify, correct my if I am wrong, please


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If you increase the inductance of the coil, you will have to decrease the switching frequency to make up for it. You will also have to increase the output capacitors to make up for the extra ripple.

Frequency and inductance are directly proportional, so if you increase your inductance by 330 / 100 = 3.3x, you have to decrease your switching frequency by the same amount.

FYI, that's a boost converter, not a flyback.
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Is it possible to remove some turns from the 330uH inductor, say down to 100uH.??


There are many 555 nixie supply variants around and here is one that uses a 330uH coil.
Switching Power Supply

If you just lower the frequency of your design it should work with the same HV output smoothing capacitor as long as you only need about 6-8mA max to drive your tubes.
The 555 HV power supply design is not very efficient for use with heavy loads, just a cheap solution for powering up to 6 small nixie tubes.
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