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using external memory of NIOS development Board with Quartus

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I´m an engineering student and I´m working in a project that uses a NIOS CPU development board with an APEX20K200EFC484 device.

To control its I/O interface, i use the quartus II version 3.0. My problem is that i need to do read/write operations in the dual SRAM chips, but i don´t see how to do this.

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The documentation for the board should have the pin connections to the SRAMS. SRAM has a simple parrallel interface. It shouldn't be hard to build a memory interface block into your project. If you're using the NIOS processor cheack to see if it has an external memory interface. If it does you should be able to connect it directly to the SRAMS. Check the SRAM datasheet for specific info about it's interface.

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