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Using a wireless tech to send sensor readings to a pda

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I'm trying to build a stand alone unit that will read three flow sensors on an agricultural sprayer, using something like the sensor in the following link;


and also read an On/Off switch. Sending the data back to a pda. Pda (HP 214) has bluetooth, wireless network and mini-usb ( am not sure wether the usb has a limited connectivity). Bluetooth would be my preferance. Distance isnt a problem as the two will be no more than 6 ft apart.

Can write some software in VB to run on the PDA to hopefully read the data and GPS speed figure, to give a Live application rate.

Really needs to run on the tractors 12v power supply.

Have some basic knowledge of electronics, but seem to be in well over my head at the moment.:confused: Any ideas would be extremely helpful.

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