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Use of the SINGLE variable type in Oshonsoft Basic

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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to use exponents in Oshonsoft BASIC? If I declare a variable type as "single", the following compiles.

Dim xx As Single

xx = 4294967296 * 180000000


xx = 4294967296 * 180e6

does not. I get the error "not a valid Single type constant."

Am I using the wrong method to represent the exponent? Also tying to display the value of xx on an LCD gives some very odd results using Lcdout #xx.

Any help gratefully received.


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Do you have the Math32 option from Oshonsoft.?

The '#' prefix will only work for a maximum value of 65535 decimal, you will get incorrect results for higher than 65K.

I have never seen the use of exponents with Oshonsoft

This a sample program to show the LONG to ASC conversion subr in ASM

Copy and paste the 'bin2asc' section and its Dim's
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Thanks for the reply Eric. Yes I do have the Math32 option, but there seems little info out there to say how it is used. Thanks for the file - I'll have a look at your routine and see if I make use of it. If anyone does have any information regarding the use of the Single variable type or its structure I would appreciate any info.


I have not succeeded to declare single variable with exponent.
Only information about single variable is on Oshhonsoft home page. It is 4 byte modified IEE754 format with 7-digit precision.
Lcdout #x shows single variable with 7-digits
eg. 98765.123 -> 98765.12
9876.123 -> 9876.123
98765432 and negative numbers display garbage.

Single variable could be displayed with exponent in Lcdout by scaling it between 1-9 by multiplying or dividing by 10 and counting the exponent.
For example positive single x greater than 10

exponent=0 ' byte variable
while x>=10

then converting integer and decimal parts to long variables:

x2=x-i ' x2 is single
j= 100000*x2 ' 6 digits decimal
Lcdout #i,"."#j,"E",#exponent

If x is smaller than 1 then repeat with multiplying by 10
Lcdout #i,"."#j,"E-",#exponent

Negative numbers should be handled separately eg. by first converting to positive with multiplying by -1.
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Thanks for the reply. I've come to the conclusion that Oshonsoft BASIC is not really up to the job that I need it to do. Hopefully though your efforts will be of some use to others.

Best regards,

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