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USB logic analyser

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I'm looking for any USB compliant 8-channel logic analyser schematics.Do anyone have an idea?

I started to think about building an interface using a Microchip PIC18F2455 Controller but I would appreciate to get some assistance...:)




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If you want to build one for the experiance that is a great. One of the members here did one using an AVR but it was RS232.

If you are doing it to save money forget it. For $150 you can buy one that is very nice. The software on the PC is very good and it does UART, I2C SPI and Dallas 1 wire post processing.

SparkFun Electronics - USB Logic Analyzer

Saleae Logic. The Logic Analyzer, Remastered. Now shipping for $149

Currently it only runs on windows but they are activly working on ports to linux and mac.

This is one of the nicest tools I have.
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Yeah, the Saleae logic analyzer is amazing. I tried out their demo interface software and it RAWKZ. Don't own one though...kind of what a USB-CAN bus or an o-scope first. IT's cheap enough so I'll just buy it when I have an immediate use for it.
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