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USB connectors - new global standard not just for PCs

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here you see a brand new battery charger, electronic transformer, which also has USB outlet, according to the manual:

-to power USB devices
-to charge mobile devices

this is now the second commercial appliance using USB sockets, and USB cables, for power supply.

it has many advantages, personally i use USB for:

-RS 232 / serial data between PICs
-power distribution for PIC based project PCBs
-ICSP programming of microcontroller

the specialized cable I use (male to male) costs $25 in our shops, and about $3 to $5 on ebay.

It can be considerably messy to manufacture cables and to attach connectors.

on the picture you also see SEGA MEGA DRIVE, distribution of AUDIO/VIDEO via USB socket!
the original cable is virtually unavailable, and also is a little messy.

here another evidence that this standard is increasingly being used for commercial appliances.
long term, maybe say good-bye to 7805 regulators.

note: I do not sell any of this stuff, neither I want to suggest that someone has done a bit of copy cat because of my SEGA mod.
I just also realized the great possibilities of USB hardware a little while ago.

I'd encourage usage of USB hardware (sockets/cables) for new projects, and especially for schools/university (prevent students from accessing mains power/designing power supplies).


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