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Urgent. Problem in Relay connection

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Hi friends, firstly thanks for your help~

I'm doing a automatic room light controller for my finaly year project. I'm having problem on how to connect the relay on the PCB layout.

Below are some of the diagrams for reference:

schematic diagram of the circuit

PCB layout

PCB front part

Here are some of my quitions:

1. what type of relay should i choose for this project? i'm currently using a 5 pin relay, however, there are only 2 pin slot on the PCB board, how can i connect to it? the requirement for relay is 12V, 200Ω, 2C/O

2. Is it possible that the relay is actually not located on the PCB board above?

3. Please explain to me how the connection as shown in schematic diagram can be done on the PCB board.

Once again thanks for your help. Hope to hear from all of u soon as i really need it urgently. Thanks
Not open for further replies.

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