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Unmanned piano player - final design project

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Hi guys, for my final year engineering design project I have been assigned the topic of developing a device to play the piano.
It will be a physical device to press the keys of the piano.

My first specification i am planning is to have one motor or actuator for each key, which will be reduced in the following phases, i was hoping you guys could provided me some guidance as to what motors or actuators would be good for this design? as I am a computer engineering student . . .



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Try to see what the guts of an old "Player Piano" look like. The music was on a rolling sheet and the system was pneumatic. The sheet allowed air to pass through holes for different leys. Pretty genius for their time in history.



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yes it's going to be a full hardware and software design, there are some advanced specifications that I am going to impose once the system is working. well i am going to be basing my design on a casio keyboard


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Just for a start.... It may not be necessary to use mechanical means to actuate the movement of the keys, since the casio piano is electronic. But if it is strictly so that you have to build a practically piano-playing robot, then a network of relay-based mechanism can be used for your design to actuate the keyboards, if not using pneumatics like mentioned.

Just for a start, like I said. :)


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Some months back I talked with an EE student from Mexico (rare here) that created such a robot. He used electrical solenoids to strike the keys.

I wish I had a link to his project. But there is a good chance that he or others have documented this project. Do a serious search as your first step. I am not suggesting you copy/steal a design but it is helpful to see what others have learned.


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Search also for automated guitar players. Some of them are incredibly good.
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