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UASP For Windows 7 and Above


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Hello there,

I just thought i would mention what i have read about this now. I have been looking into speeding up the USB transfer rates and ran into this secondary issue that i thought others would like to know.

First, UASP is a new standard for USB that speeds up some transfers of files over USB. It's the fastest there is yet from what i have read.

Unfortunately it is only natively supported under Windows 8 and above, not in Windows 7. From what i have read so far, the only way to get support in Windows 7 is to use an ASUS motherboard which comes with (or download) drivers that allow it's ASMEDIA chipset to enable UASP for Windows 7. The motherboard must be recognized as an ASUS motherboard however because it wont allow install on anything other than ASUS. There may be more to it than that too, such as tricking an older ASUS motherboard to look like a more recent model, but i doint know much about that yet.
This only works with ASUS because they are the only ones that have the license to do this (so far).

Also what i have read is that if the ASUS motherboard chipset does not support UASP, you can get a drop in PCIe card that has the right chipset (such as one from SYBA), then install the drivers and that enables UASP on that system. It still has to be an ASUS motherboard however because the driver update checks for that before install, and the card itself must have the ASMEDIA chipset that enables UASP (many of them state USAP now before you buy).

I have not tried USB 3.1 yet though, i am hoping that offers some improvement without requiring USAP.

What else i have read about USAP is that small files still dont transfer that much faster, which is really my main goal. It does gets faster but only by some 20 to 30 percent or so, which is far below the rating of many of today's USB drives. I am looking for a minimum of two times faster (100 percent).

Just to recap, to use USAP the following four things have to be satisfied:
1. UASP supported motherboard, or ASUS motherboard with USB 3.0 card that supports UASP and has the ASMEDIA chipset (which may be also called a VIA chipset but not sure tbout this yet).
2. Operating system that supports UASP, which means Windows 8 or above and some Linux, or if using the ASUS mobo and/or card then the driver software download.
3. UASP enabled device, such as a USB SSD thumb drive or other.
4. UASP has to be turned 'on' or enabled in the software, although some might do this automatically.

#3 is necessary of course because if you dont have a drive or device that can use UASP then it cant work because it does not work with any other type of device.

Good luck :)
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