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UART + Eclipse Tool Chain (LPC2378)

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Hi Friends,

Am stuck up in a problem.I am not able to get any characters on the
terminal for the UART project under Eclipse platform(LPC2378).I have
attached the file, I am able to generate the hex file without any errors
but finally no character are echoed on the terminal.
Thank You.



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Hey while im not on that IC it seems like maybe you should have started that small first...

Like make a new project and test out UART only control with fixed values..

Im using a LPC2148 and my UART works at 19200 on 12 MHz no issue with:

void UART1_Init(void)
  PINSEL0 |= 0x00050000;
  U1LCR = 0x83;  
  U1DLM = 0;			
  U1DLL = 0x27;  
  U1FCR = 0x07;
  U1LCR = 0x03;	
I have to also say im using crossworks for arm.
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Hi AtomSoft & friends

HI AtomSoft & friends

Thanks for your reply.I got a new LPC 2378 board but without a Standard compiler like KEIL or IAR Workbench.Normally in internet you get the trial versions of KEIL and others but if your code size increases you cannot generate an HEX file.Firstly I compiled the same code in KEIL, it works normally but if you compile and get the HEX from ECLIPSE tool chain, not even a single character is echoed on the terminal.


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thats what i hate about this stuff. Your code is huge. I dont have time to look through it all.

Hence why i said redo it just for UART and test it. This way you get a feel for the code and compiler.

Many compilers have custom headers and different ways of enabling interrupts and other things. Hence why i code it all out. Its easier to port it over.

I never used ECLIPSE. I dont even know how to setup the whole thing.

Im a hobbiest but i shelled out the $150 for that Crossworks since it worked well in 30 day trial.

i suggest if you want to save headaches then just buy something more stable. But if you want i can try to help you though this. I just need to know what you have setup...

ECLISPE and what other tools are you using?

Can you make me a list so i can install and try to work on it with you.
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