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Two stroke CDI ignition

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Please excuse if this has already been covered elsewhere in the forums.

Need help with ignition on a two stroke twin cylinder motorcycle. I am currently running it with single pulser coil, a pickup coil, two independent CDIs going to two independent HT coils. The spark development is very good and spark duration is also excellent. The power development is good RPMs are also pretty decent.

But, the timing (power stroke) on both pistons is not equal. I can feel it at idling and while revving as there is quite a bit of crank vibration. The same engine on points set at perfectly equal BTDC ignition settings (using dial gauge) had almost nil crank vibration and power stroke could be tuned 1:1.

My question is, is it possible to divide the voltage going to the independent CDI units at exactly 180 degree turn of the rotor (magnet), so that both the HTs produce the spark at exactly 50:50 duration. Could I use a circuit in between to do this. Alternatively, can the same circuit be used to time the ignition (change torque curves). I know these units are available off the shelf, but I cannot find anything that lets you control voltage coming in at a single lead-in and going out via double lead-out.

Appreciate any inputs,

Roopesh D.
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