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Tv remove blocker 2011-12-18

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ElectroMaster submitted a new article:

TV Remove Blocker - Just point this small device at the TV and the remote gets jammed.

Just point this small device at the TV and the remote gets jammed.

Theory of Operation

The 555 IC (see our 555 Timer guide) is wired as an astable multivibrator for a frequency of nearly 38 kHz. This is the frequency at which most of the modern TVs receive the IR beam. The transistor acts as a current source supplying roughly 25mA to the infra red LEDs. To increase the range of the circuit simply decrease...
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you can also do this with turning on a simple Infa LED by a 3v battery with no frequency lol, I've tried it and it has worked! :)


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If we only use a simple infra LED and a battery then the range could not far, probably we must put the LED not far than 10cm from the TV IR sensor, CMIIW. But if we make the schematic as above, the range will increase, we can jam the TV remote maybe further than 3m.


i thought the output of the 555 timer turns the transistor on and then the current gets drawn to the led, or is this just for mossfets?
Still cool tho :)


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I assume that's supposed to be "TV Remote Blocker", not "TV Remove Blocker"...?
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