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Trying to repair inverter/charger but cant find the components

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Hi All

The charger is a 100amp 12v unit that is a transformer based unit and has a PWM controlled BTA26600B on the mains side and 16 FETs on the output side.
The FETs have blown a few of them and they are ONO5E so quite ancient I imagine and as hard as I search I have no clue to an equivalent so if any one has a cross reference guide it would be handy to know of a drop in for this item

If you also know if it is enhanced type that may help as well.

I am not sure how the FET side works but assume the circuitry turns them on so they can act as a diode but some clues would be great!!!



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Just a little help! It is a Motorola item so some of the older books should show it up.
Any reply welcome even something derogatory - like get lost but nothing.

A small snippet.


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Looks like the part number is oh-N-zero-5-E: ON05E. Very nice numbering system ;)

Checking Octopart, one US vendor claims to have stock, perhaps at a breathtaking price! I'm always suspicious of listings that don't provide quantities and prices, but Octopart is a good starting point when looking for any component or to verify availability before designing around a specific part.

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