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trying to identify a box of IC's

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Dan Rodgers

New Member
I have a box of IC's that was given to me,all unused-round metal canisters;10-pins;they look like the Analog Devices AD533 ,but the part number is C7088K;the manufacturers logo is a small case "s" inside a large case "C"-I have no clue what they are-could anyone have any information on these?I hate to experiment with them if they are something special-thanks!.....dr.....


I've never heard of IC's that come in metal canisters, unless you mean those really old Transistors and IC's. These could be out of date!!!

I would suppose that these the "s" means semiconductors. Try a google search. You should get a few hits.

I've been in the same situation as you. My high school had a school cleanout a few weeks ago and all electronic parts and components got thrown out. A little digging in the bins, and :

:4000+ 5mm leds,
:A 5 meter (15 feet) roll of diodes
:A box of 200 high value, low voltage capacitors
:5 boxes of single value ceramic caps
:A soldering Iron with a rusty tip-It was fixable!!
:and about 50 meters (150 feet ) of resistors in rolls.

I also got myself 4 computer power supplies, which came from old computers they threw out!!!

I guess they wanted to keep track of their stock room by throwing out the excess and restocking the stock room!!! :lol:

You guys should do it too :lol:


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There is a TDA7088
theres also an NTE7088 which is an audio amp.

This can used to be an alternative package for many
well known ICs but you dont see them much since
the early nineties.

You could try 'Webcrawler' and try it with and
without the 'K' suffix, it might take you a while to
drag through the results.

The letters were often changed to reflect the packaging
but the number was usually the same.

I don't recognise the description of large 'C' with a
small 's' in it, maybe you could draw it, someone may
recognise the logo.

Best of luck with it, John :)


New Member
company logo

:D hi,

there was a member who posted company logos at the datasheet forum, i can't remember when, could november 03. :D


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Thanks for that page,
ive put it in my favourites,
and made it available 'off-line'

John :)
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