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Trying to find a name of a part..

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Im looking for a electronics part, it needs to be flat but when power is supplied to it a stem(shaft) will come out, i need that stem(shaft) to come out to push something else..
Can anyone tell me the name of something like this or a link were to find one..
Attached is a drawing of how it works..

thank you..



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Hello and welcome to ETO.

A generic name for such a thing would be "actuator".
However, I am not sure that I have ever seen anything in that sort of shape before.
Also, you do not say how big this thing is or how much force is required when the shaft is extended.



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Sounds like you are describing a solenoid. A spring would keep it in the open position, then with power it woudl retract. The square shape may just be a hollow cover over that mechanism as solenoids are usually round.
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