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Trouble loading .hex onto 16f84a any thoughts?

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I am new to pic programing, there for I have downloaded a few simple .hex files to test out the process before writing my own program. The problem is I can not get the programs to load into my 16f84a.

Using PICALL in p16pro mode I get this error:

Program error
Program: address= 0000 buffer 2804 device= 3fff

Using WINPICPROG 1.91 I get this error:

Prog Verify failed at Program address 0x000 Programing Aborted

I have tryed a few downloaded .hex files from different authors with the same results. Both these these pcs of software seem to function well with my P16pro40 Programmer seeing as they will read the chip with out fail.

Any help would be appreciated.
Not open for further replies.

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