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Triggered spark gap schematics???

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Hey chaps, just wondered if any of you have any bright ideas. Basically i am trying to pick up rf from a spark gap. I am transmitting and receving on same size single turn coils/antennas (because they are the most basic and the will be fairly well impeadance matched). The problem is that the sparking is sooo irratic. I have decided to build myself a trigger circuit and so wondered if any of you know a off the shelf schematic or a place to look?

Any help would be very much appreciated.



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Hi Matt,

Please give some more info.
Working with spark gaps is a little known
and specialised field.
What sort of frequency are you trying to use?
Sometimes the spark can be contained within a
bottle, some gasses give better results.
What materials are you using for electrodes?
the electrodes can badly affect spark stability.
What sort of power output are you aiming at?
Sometimes magnets can be used to 'flare' the
spark, and help with cooling.

I have heard it is possible to construct an
assembly that can produce a self-sustaining
tuned spark.(without conventional electronics)

Please post back with more info on what you're
assembly is supposed to do.

Regards, John


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Firstly thanks for your interest, basically i am doing experiments based on H. Hertz first experiments with rf. I am picking up a irractic signals transmitted from the spark gap through a transmitting loop. The loop is constructed of thin wire (loop d=0.6m). At the moment i have a HV charger set at 30kV across some caps rated at 45KV total. These then discharge over the gap and radiate from the loop.

The HV charger is push button activated so that there is a delay while the caps charge up then discharge. I need a circuit that basically triggers the discharge with either a clk pulse or push button after the cap charge circuit. The reason for this is that i have to stick on some very big R on the lines from the HV charger to the caps to decoupe them from the circuit.

The end result being that i can pick up a basic signal on recieving antenna that is hopefully reflective of the spark gap voltage or of some use in non-invasive circuit work. (This is obviously a long way away)

I am not too hot on the electronics side of things and wondered if there was an easy circuit solution to trigger the spark.
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