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Transistor-less H-Bridge Idea

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A completely transistor-free solution for Transistor-less H-Bridge?

If the motor current is low enough, use a paralleled up 74S941 tristate driver(s)? http://www.datasheetarchive.com/pdf-datasheets/Datasheets-115/DSAP00444.pdf

power the IC from the motor supply (7V max), drive the logic directly from a uC. I think the logic levels are compatible enough without adding any transistors.

Or maybe audio speaker driver IC's could be used as H-bridges?


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I don't think the 74S941 should be used at 7 volts.
"audio speaker driver IC" Most audio amplifiers are not designed to pull hard to ground and supply. They are designed to work in the middle of their supply. The output of H-bridge drivers do not work at 1/2 supply but like to work at gnd and supply.
There are 1000s of h-bridge IC and moter/fan drivers. TLE6209 for example. Some have the power transistors inside the IC and some use external transistors. Some have much smarts built in and some are not much more than 4 transistors.
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