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I would like to make a tracker that will reach 2 miles as well as a transmitter that will broadcast voice at about 1/4 mile, both running on seperate frequencies, other than the car radio range 88-106.

I want to add this xtra to an items that have been migrating from my garage to ... who knows where!

I live in a small community so 2 miles ought to be about right.
And radio I can hear what they say as I come to collect my goods :)

I would like to combine the 2 somehow, so I can use a single small power supply(watch batteries or AAA's?).

seen some kits for each, but the $$ are prohibitive.

(btw, technician class liscense here, but still a newbie to building radios from scratch)



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Me too

I am interested in these schematics too, but $ are not problems for me(not enormus atleast), so if you have some quality schemes I would be gratefull if you would share it with me.
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