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Toyota Corolla 2009 Wig Wag (Whelen UHF2150A)

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Jason Hunter

New Member
I contacted Whelen to buy a UHF2150A, which is a wig wag for the headlights, but they told me it wouldn't work on my Corolla 2009.

The reason was that the lights were controlled by the computer and if you inserted this UHF2150A, it would give all kinds of error codes and just explode, at least, that's the impression he gave.

Is this at all correct and if so, why? Are there alternatives?


Well-Known Member
You will probably be using a car which has CANBUS - have a read up as you could potentially design something to control your headlights through a CANBUS interface. Have a look at Youtube for some guy who has made his car go crazy by hacking it ........
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