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Toshiba A665 laptop mouse freezes (Synaptic Trackpad freezes) [resolved]


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RE: Toshiba A665 laptop mouse freezes (Synaptic Trackpad) [resolved]

Toshiba Satellite A665 laptop Synaptic trackpad (mouse freeze) understood after about 10 years.

Many people had this problem.

I had inadvertently solved it, but I didn't know why or how until I went back to using the OEM laptop power supply PA3716U-1ACA because the other power supply developed a break in the DC cord.

I had two laptop bricks that I used and kept them at two locations. The OEM being near a leather recliner where the mouse would freeze.

When I used that power supply exclusively in the other location, the freezes occurred daily.

I then ordered two laptop bricks with a grounded plug because the one that worked had a grounded plug.

The problem is now fixed.

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