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Top of pcb...

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Hello all.Well I have become pretty good at designing,exposing,developing,and etching printed circuit boards.Some are somewhat complex,but circuitmaker 2000 makes short work of most circuit designs.Now I would like to try putting a silkscreen on top of the board to label the components.Although it is not nessessary,it would be cool to take the next step to a professional looking board.What is involved with this?How does it work?Is there a big expense with the equipment?Any info. would be appreciated...... :roll:


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Most of case the silkscreen made with riddle printing. (in the industry this technology used also for layout painting before etching.) Need a riddle with high density grid set in a frame, UV-sensitive paint.

Dean Huster

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You mentioned the software, but not the process. If you're using the toner transfer process to get from paper layout to PCB vs. photoetching, you can use the transfer process to put all your scribbles onto the component side as well. First, etch the board (both sides if double-sided) and then after cleaning, transfer your component-side information in the same way and peel off the transfer paper. You can use Krylon clear spray (several LIGHT coats so you don't bubble up the toner) to fix the transferred toner in place and protect it somewhat.

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