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Tiny Wind Power-I Just Dont Get it

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Sorry not to jump on the bandwagon, and OK, its cute and all...but where is all this silly little wind power projects heading?...are there itty bitty teeny tiny towns that are in need of wind power?...are Barbie and Ken dying to tie into the grid???
If all you want to do is light some LEDs... isnt just as easy to use a Solar Cell?
I must be missing something... other than my usual Chromizone.
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Some times it just for fun!
Even the engineers and scientists just need to make a pointless project too!

Although a Barbie playhouse with tiny solar panels on the roof and a little wind charger in the back yard would get me to "play dolls" with my niece! ;)

I think I would have Ken show up with my electric Lego service truck and pick Barbie up and take her to a movie!:D

And afterwords they could charge up the truck with the solar and wind systems while they have a solar barbecue in the back yard by the wind generator. :p

P.S. your avatar is still one of my favorites. I loved Father Ted! Great show! :)


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1. You can make tiny wind with junk you have lying around... Try making a solar panel.

2. Low cost! See 1.

3. Wind can still run things at night, and can be added to solar for tiny devices you need powered at remote locations.

4. Fun!

5. From a more commercial side, I did research into a product to measure wind speed and be self powered including a transponder transmitter. Being powered from the wind you are measuring is pretty cool.


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The Egyptians probably built a small version before they built the big pyramids. But in my case, it's just for fun and learning.

My solar garden lights work ok in summer, but not so great in the cold and dark of winter. Maybe 2-3 hours of dim glow after dark in January. Partly battery chemistry, partly low sun angle, etc. Wind seems to be just as strong in winter.

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