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Three-phase driver questions


I'm looking to use the MIC4607 in a three-phase inverter. Some questions about it usage
  1. Is this IC suitable to drive mosfets in parallel assuming they have their own gate resistors? Would there be any issues using its adaptive dead-time?

  2. Some circuits I see for 3-phase bridges have a gate-source resistor around 20k on the low side mosfets to prevent accidental turn on of them if the bridge supply is connected before the driver supply. I haven't seen this for circuits using the MIC4607 so is it unnecessary or would it still be a good idea?

  3. In the evaluation board, several resistors are 0 ohm, e.g R18, R20, R19. I assume these are to be substituted as they are not jumpers. What would be a reasonable range of values for these?

  4. More of a general question: I want to supply the MIC4607 from an external 12v boost regulator connected to the board, should a ferrite bead be added to the board on this line?
Thanks :)

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