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the SMALLEST/LIGHTEST adj. voltage/25A+ power supply?

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I would like to find the best power supply for two purposes:
- charge special LiPo batteries at 20A (I suppose that I need at least 25A at 12V for this)
- general use for electronics experiments

I would like it with Voltmeter and Amperometer and adjustable Voltage with range atleast 3-15V.

I found about some power supplies with these requisites but they are all too big.

The smallest I found is the Manson/Maas SPS-8250 or 9250 that has these measures:
220x220x110mm (8.6"x8.6"x4.3"), 2.7 KG (6 lbs)

Is there a smaller or lighter one with all the above specifications?


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It's the limit of technology. That's actually pretty damned small. Mine is about 50% larger.
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There are some very expensive aerospace units available. I read about them in a tech magazine around a year ago. They are pushing the 100 watt per cubic inch mark! But at around $10 plus a watt to do it!

For that wide or working voltage range you specified and at theat amps output I would consider a rework job of a higher wattage computer power supply. They are the smallest and highest wattage multi voltage output units I can think of that are easy to find and fair to adapt to custom applications. They can, with a little rework of the voltage regulating circuits, easily give you 3 to 15 volt outputs all with 20 amps plus current capacity. And putting a pair of digital meters in them is fairly simple.

It does take some electronics know how and a little time but I have reworked several computer power supplies to give non stock voltage and current outputs and have had them work reliably afterword.

Its just one option to think about.
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