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The simplest constant current limiter with 'load indication' 2015-09-02

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Willen submitted a new article:

The simplest constant current limiter with 'load indication' - A very simple constant current limiter circuit with a tricky load indicator

Here is a very simple constant current limitter circuit (I never seen before) which can detect the load by the LED, a clever trick. The LED glows only if the load is connected. So if we used the circuit as a constant current charger then the LED performs as a 'charging is ON' indicator. The circuit has tricky bias so the LED is working there as a reference voltage (Vref) regulator and also as a load indicator. And I made it possible just using four cheap components.

Connecting the...
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Oh yes, It is not my fault because the thread created automatically by the ETO forum. In the post #1 there are two links at the top and at the bottom. Bottom link loads error page but correct and same link of the article also has been posted at the top. Maybe moderator can fix it.


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the mistakes done by ETO forum system has been corrected by me now. Try once.


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So simple. I liked it!
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