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The guitar amplifier book by Teemu Kyttälä


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Thanks, Nigel.
My el-cheapo low-speed cable internet downloaded it in less than 4.5 minutes. Like watching grass grow.

It is interesting to see the rock and roll differences and similarities of tube amps (valves are for fluids) and solid state amps.


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Looks like we're violating the terms on his page 2. Do we have written permission?


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Nigel Goodwin said:
Yes, I've got permission from him, as I mentioned in my original post - and he asked me to post the link, rather than upload it here.
WOW... just wow. Great information. Thanks!

Been itching to build a tube preamp, hopefully it will turn out better than my last overdrive pedal which had way to much noise. Perhaps a pcb would be better than a protoboard?


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Why does it say that a lowpass filter set at 5kHz sounds "creamy"? I think it sounds muffled like an old AM radio. Most of the important high frequencies are missing.

(Let's not discuss very old, very distorted telephones where they cut the high frequency distortion above only 3kHz).
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