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Test hook clip


I think this will make it easier to take readings from components.


I am not sure how it will fit my probes.

Should I get another set of leads, cut off the tip, and solder it?

This is my banana lead. Most of the ones I saw had a longer banana end.



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The "J clips" are made for small wire. You meter leads have very thick insolation.
You can get banana jacks and use small wire to connect to the clips. (small insulation; do not use on high voltage) Use flexible wire or the wire will brake.


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the "J" hooks are good, they also make expanding clips (like one of those grabbers you use to pick up screws and stuff that has a plunger on one end and two or 3 hooked wires at the other end) that work pretty good. there are places the expanding clip can connect that would be awkward with a "J" clip

dr pepper

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If your going to make measurements higher than 50v, then you'd be safer with ready made leads.

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