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Test Equipment

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Its the first time I've seen this one, but it clearly uses the PC display and keyboard as the user interface.


No, it's a bit deceptive, that nice graphic on the box is just a sticker. It's a 20mhz 2 channel DSO and sensitivity seems pretty good. The frequency/phase modulation via a point map is a nice feature but only 1024 points? For 250 dollars I'm not sure if it's worth it, mainly because it only has a 2k capture buffer. Just to give you an idea, at it's maximum sampling rate of 40Ms/s it will only be able to capture a signal of 5.12 microseconds in length, which is fine for a generic analog signal work but not so much for digital monitoring. It also doesn't mention anything about external triggering. I'm assuming that's going to be the 'output' port when the device is in o'scope mode.


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Thanks for the help.
I am looking for a signal generator capable of at least 20MHZ.
This looked like it might do the trick. The scope was an added bonus.
I still would like to know who the manufacturer is, so I can read up
on it in more depth.
Anyone know of a better model for about the same price range?
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