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Tesla coils...


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Will be good to post our Tesla projects...do you think so?
I will start my self...
I have done many, but I have now 2:
a 230 KV over 100 khz one...I enjoy this one getting shot in my back...it relax me...
and a smaller +/- 100 KV at 80 khz, I enjoy this one when I want to noise all the area tv's , because I can variate the freq of the osc.....
Will like to build a huge for a mega volt, but for sure the sparks will go out of my roof, it will nedd to be outdoors, and will be noisy , mean very noisy...means trouble...police , etc....
tell me yours!!!
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opk so lets see some pictures and instructions on making them, personaly I'd love to try something like this just for fun (keeping it far away from computers etc.) but don't really know how to and don't want to do damage


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tesla coils

Well, is not the idea to ask how to do it, any way is good to tell how to do them....first, i sugest to understand what you will build...a tesla coils are high voltage low current and high frequency toys, as the frequency is very high, it dont hurt as like the 50 or 60 hz...but there is some dangers too...the easyest way to do one is with a flyback transformer from a old tv...but the easy to understand and build from scratch will be better to start, I sugest this web to start:


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I dont have one yet...http://www.personal.psu.edu/jrz126/images/oltc/22inch.jpg I'm only able to get 22-28" sparks with my current powersupply. Thats a 4' flourescent tube glowing in the top of the pic.

I'm working on a SCR supply right now. I'm on spring break right now, so I should be able to finish it up shortly. Plus I kinda have to wait until it gets alittle warmer out. My garage isn't big enough.


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That is a nice model, any idea what voltage are you getting in the out? and freq you tuned it? it is very high diameter for the secondary..like 6 or 8 inches righ? any way , 22 to 28 inches is very good...also very noisy...try blowing some argon gas over the toroid..jejejeje
A great One!


There's a trick though.
None of those images are 'natural' they're all long exposures. The human eye would see a much blander traveling bolt, otherwise the background (read: car person and ground immediately near the strikes) would be bled out by the brightness of the light, and you wouldn't even be able to see the 'shield' effect. Although the potential <chuckle> for forming EM fields like this for photographing is very artistic and beautiful. I'd like to see more attempts to shape the fields produced.


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shape the field...

I dont have pictures or plans, but this is a one you can do easy, just be carefull...
it is not a tesla, but is similar, get a flyback, feed it with fast dc pulses, 20 khz or up, yes dc, not ac,properlly drive it,better use a 12volts dc battery to drive the flyback and circuit ,(easy 555 and 2n3054 or a solid state relay) at the secundary output connect aluminum foil paper, the one from the kitchen, put one at the floor connected to the ground of the secundary, and the other to other piece of alum foil paper, flat it like envelopes and face them one to the other you can stick it with glue, secure them with wood, pvc or starboard so they dont move or blow away, separe them enough , i dont know how much, because I am giving the main idea and depend of your flyback...then, get a tank of argon, yes, the one for mig welding, dont get the huge one, get a small one, then power up the thing , turn off the light, and open the argon valve, blow in between the alum paper plates and enjoy.(dont blow to close and use a pvc water pipe 1/2 inch to drive the gas to , so you dont get zap)...I did this long time ago when i was a kid, dont fear electricity, fear your mistakes, mix theory and use your fingers...now what you got? plasma?? try it....think but dont burn your head...

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