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temp logging and storage with ds18s20

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I want to log temperatures in my house and don't want my computer swiched on all day.
I found

GPS and Serial Loggers

so maybe I could store it on a SIM card until reading it?

And later I want to monitor these temperatures,


Idea beeing pumping air from where its warmer or cooler into another room. Say, in winter the roof is warmer, will pump it into a room. In summer use cooler air from the sub floor space.


The power to run your PC for close to a year to let it do the logging would cost less than the price on those loggers.


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If you use an old PC then you could use the circuit I posted a while ago. Clicky. This will enable you to monitor multiple points but would require you to do a little programming.

As a weird coincidence, I'm currently working on a data logger to do exactly the same thing. I'm going to record the temperature every 10 mins in 4 places. As I'm using a 256k serial eeprom I will only manage about 1 week of readings before it's full but I hope this is enough to give me an idea of how to go about building a solar collector inside the roof space. It will probably be a couple of weeks until I have the data but you're welcome to it if it is of interest. The points I'm going to log are, highest point in roof, half way down on the colourbond, in my lounge and outside.

Hi Mr. English,

I don't know if this one does the job

GPS and Serial Loggers

oceancontrols did not get back to me (yet)
edit: just called oceancontrols, he said with the board in the link above you can hook up up to 10 LM35s,
way cheaper than the 18s20. The board would then do the A/D conversion.
Now: the output is in mV, 1mV per K, so how accurate would it ba with a 20m wire, say?

should be childs play to hook them up, somw wire and call shrink, you got a sensor.

Serial Port Temperature Sensors - Using Multiple Sensors

I am just searching for the storage bit. If I read it once a week or so should be ok. SD cards are dirt cheap, 2GB is 1 years data ;-)

Envirotalk Australia | Temperature Logging - Forums

What I want to do is get hot air from the roof space in winter and cool air from subfloor in summer. If there is any, thats why the logging and the thermometers.


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