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Telstras USB Prepaid wireless modem

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First off please dont post to say it might be a virus.

Anyone using this ZDE Technology Next G or 3G USB plug in
I did a new windows installation because my modem was sending out 33Kbps of data while I was online . The new installation stopped this ..for a while .
I logged on to this site and suddenly it was back to uploading data at this rate and is doing so right now .

I wouldn't mind so much except Telstra charges through the roof for this modem phone service and I am wondering what is going up and to whome .

Any body had a similar experience?


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Could it be a Windows update running in the background ?

I know if my machine is set to auto update, it downloads the updates in the background.


Ive watched this transmitting at up to 50Kbps and for instance a 4min13 sec session Received 3.99Kb and sent out 1022.65Kb

So its not an update , thats switched off always and its the uploading of data I am concerned about.

I went to the whirlpool site and got refered to a Telstra site by one poster about free download time from Telstra for games which immediately locked the page . Could not shut down the browser and one bloody page downloaded 5 Meg of data in about 3 minutes . The browses was locked by the site as sometimes happens on vindictive sites !!

While I have typed this 3 Meg of data has gone out and 1.35 downloaded ...crazy stuff and expensive !

Any other sugestions ..how do I check whats being sent out ? or how do I get into the guts of this device ? Ive got to get it stopped or dump the thing and it cost me $150 and about $60 recharge so far
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