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Taking apart an Altec Lansing acs54

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Ricardo Pool

New Member
I am trying to take apart an old acs54 because it seems that a part insidea came loose.
But even after loosing all the screws I still can't get it how of the case.
Does anyone knows how to take it apart. What is keeping it from opening?
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A simple Google search for "How to open altec lansing acs54" provided this nugget of information, whose veracity I cannot confirm. But its something... (Yes, I did correct the likely typo in the manufacturer's name). The following post was made in 2011.

I finally heard from Altec Lansing. Sandy informed me that, and I quote:

"the speakers are ultrasonically sealed during manufacturing once you open it you take a chance in damaging the drivers in side and compromising the sound quality".

Not only does this company produce a lousy product, they want you to throw them away when the volume control acts up (in my case months after buying them, when the problem started!)

My lesson from this and advice to anyone reading this is, stay away from Altec Lansing computer speakers. If the volume control cannot be maintained, Altec Lansing = JUNK.
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