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:D hi guys,

i wouldlike to refer this idea to the guys who have long experience in building and using switching regulators.

i intendto use a motorola MC34063A as a step-down and step-up by using only one device. it would have its own individual ouputs.

my question is, would performance be degraded due to lots (in fact 6 pcs. including the main switch) of switches used?

i intend to power up the device only after i have change mode so there would no glitches or spike. however what bothers me are the contact inside the switches,i know the setting between contact are not always in a perfect position. i willbeusing slideswitches.

your advise would behighly appreciated. if this idea needs to be waste basketed, :oops: pls tell me so. :roll: am still willing to use 2 :p
devices :lol: :lol:

thanx :D
Not open for further replies.

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