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I am working on a bidirectional converter. I am new to PCB design and I need some help about supplying different voltages to different parts (gate drivers, voltage measurement device, etc). I have decided to supply my board with 15V. From that:
1)15V (10 parts ( gate drivers)
2) 3-5.5V (2 parts)
3)4.5-5V (2 parts)
4)6V (2 parts)

What do you suggest for me to do? Should I add 3 different voltage regulators or do you suggest some other clever way to do this?

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Nigel Goodwin

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I would suggest you find actually what you 'need' - the last three are pretty well identical, and 2) and 3) are absolutely identical (5V) - it's quite probable that the 6V could be 5V as well?. It seems to me like you're making it MUCH more complicated than it might need to be?.
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This is going to get confusing when the numbering is 1,1,2,3!! Could a mod edit the above posts to correct this?


Beau Schwabe

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What are you going to do with any of the high side gate drivers that will need an isolated voltage? A fixed supply may not be adequate. you need to generate the voltage either by bootstrapping or other conversion method.

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