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supermesh and supernode


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Mesh analysis and supermesh:
In mesh analysis we apply KVL. Voltage sources offer no problem and the same is true of current source when it exists ONLY in one mesh. As a side note, a mesh is a loop which does not contain any other loop within itself. The problem arises when the current source (independent or dependent) exists between two meshes. So, then to solve the circuit a supermesh is created by excluding the current source and any elements connected in series with it.

Nodal analysis and supernode:
In nodal analysis we use KCL. Therefore, the number of current sources and their placement does not offer problem and the same is true when the voltage source is connected between the reference node (at 0V) and the nonreference node; we simply set the voltage at the nonreference node equal to the voltage of the voltage source. The problem arises when the voltage source (independent or dependent) is connected between two two nonreference nodes. Then, to solve the circuit a supernode is formed by enclosing the voltage source between the two nonreference nodes and any element connected in parallel with it.

Please correct or modify the text above if you think I have missed on something important, so that I don't run into trouble while doing the problems. Thanks


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Would someone please comment on my previous post? Thanks
You are likely getting no replies because few people have a working knowledge of mesh equations these days, likely never having used them since college.


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It's been a long time for me too since i have used mesh. The nodal statement sounds right through, as you consider the two nodes the same except for the labels themselves (that is, they are shorted yet keep their individual node labels and require an equation to state the voltage difference between them).

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