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Stuck for a project?

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Stuck for a project? Have you trawled the circuit archives in search of inspiration to no avail? Not content to duplicate the work of others?
Then this might be what you are looking for......................................

The return of the "Rubiks Cube" ? :lol: :twisted:

Because it was a purely mechancical device, the original cube had one weakness, for which its addicts were sincerely thankful, the six centre squares on each face were fixed. The other forty-eight squares could orbit around them, to create a possible 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 distinct patterns.
The mark II had no such limitations; all of the fifty-four squares were capable of movement, so there were no fixed centres to give reference points to maddened manipulators. Only the development of microchips and liquid crystal displays had made such a prodigy possible; nothing really moved, but the multicoloured squares could be dragged around the face of the cube by merely touching them with a fingertip.

Words by Arthur C. Clarke 1990 from "The Ghost from the Grand Banks"

Proff Rubik does hold the patent for an electronic version but I believe it is only a text theory / proposal , no circuit diagram.
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