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strobe what do I need? LED'S AND 555 TIMER?

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I have two BLUE 2600 MCD AND one white 1100 MCD
hooked up to a 9 V BATTERY how do I make these 3 LED'S strobe?


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if you want to make three things happen, like 3 lights flashing like

- - 0
- 0 -
0 - -

then you need more than a 555 timer.

you can use a 4017 decade counter.

if you just want all three to flash at the same time, like this:
0 0 0
- - -
0 0 0

then you need only a 555 timer setup in astable mode. search for some of my old posts, i've had this explained several times :)

if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Not open for further replies.

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