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str-k750p sony reciever front display board x49551711

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i am looking for a display switch board. the display has an led which is partly malfunctioning, it lights up led blocks when it should not, like all the time on the display ends.

supposedly x49551711 is the part number


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If anyone is still interested, the problem is IC100, the square chip that drives the display.
I had the same exact problem described in first post.
I fixed this.
Removed the board.
Took a heat gun to carefully remelt the solder holding chip to the display board.

Also, it is a lot of heat. Should try to protect board traces. I slightly bubbled them on one side.
But it is working.
In future, some kind of shield foil wet paper towel etc... good idea!

Using a solder pencil, I resoldered IC101 and the fluorescent display connections.

I saw NO visible problems with IC100.
Ever hear of tin whiskers? might be.
If tin whiskers would a brush work, or could you use an acid to dissolve whiskers around that chip?


chip is this

UPD16315GB-3BS Manu:NEC Encapsulation:QFP,1/4- to 1/12-DUTY FIPVFD
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