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Stopwatch Schematic

post the schematic!! there is no way anybody can help you if they can't even see what part of the schematic you are having trouble with.
o :oops: . well wen he said "i dont know how to do the schematic", i thought he meant he doesn't know how to put it together. my bad

well in that case, search the internet dry. there's gotta be some stopwatch schematic or something out there.
hit post reply, then hit add an attachment. The page will now refresh but this time the page will have browse button for the attachment. hit browse, find ur picture, hit open, the name n path of the file will appear in the filename box. then you can either hit submit if you're done typing, or hit add attachment and the attachment will load, but you will still be on the post reply page. Then when you're done typing, just hit submit. 8)
sup people!! im looking into implementing the digital stopwatch in vhdl using Altera, im gonna need serious help or guidelines. please assist...

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