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Hello everybody and thanks always.

I am researching about the STM8 line of microcontrollers.

I read that you can use IAR to write programs. Apparently you can use something called ST Visual Develop with a Cosmic Compiler...I haven't use any of them.

Is there anyone with STM8 experience here??

For different reasons (As you know, I am working with STM32 as well ) I am planning to install Eclipse and GCC in my computer. But my HDD is getting very full so I dont think I can install another IDE.

So my question is 1) Can I program STM8 with eclipse??

and second 2) If I choose IAR to program the STM32, do I have to install two versions (STM32 and STM8) to address both needs

Any advice will be very much appreciated
Not open for further replies.

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