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Stm32f4 systick


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Why am i always going crazy here?

Here is a snippet from the main.c file for a example of SysTick from st. How do they get a 1ms time base from simply dividing the clock by 1000 ?

The time base should be 168Khz or ~6uS

Shouldnt they divide it by 168000 for the time base to be 1ms ? (1khz)

/* Setup SysTick Timer for 1 msec interrupts.
    1. The SysTick_Config() function is a CMSIS function which configure:
       - The SysTick Reload register with value passed as function parameter.
       - Configure the SysTick IRQ priority to the lowest value (0x0F).
       - Reset the SysTick Counter register.
       - Configure the SysTick Counter clock source to be Core Clock Source (HCLK).
       - Enable the SysTick Interrupt.
       - Start the SysTick Counter.
    2. You can change the SysTick Clock source to be HCLK_Div8 by calling the
       SysTick_CLKSourceConfig(SysTick_CLKSource_HCLK_Div8) just after the
       SysTick_Config() function call. The SysTick_CLKSourceConfig() is defined
       inside the misc.c file.

    3. You can change the SysTick IRQ priority by calling the
       NVIC_SetPriority(SysTick_IRQn,...) just after the SysTick_Config() function 
       call. The NVIC_SetPriority() is defined inside the core_cm3.h file.

    4. To adjust the SysTick time base, use the following formula:
         Reload Value = SysTick Counter Clock (Hz) x  Desired Time base (s)
       - Reload Value is the parameter to be passed for SysTick_Config() function
       - Reload Value should not exceed 0xFFFFFF

  if (SysTick_Config(SystemCoreClock / 1000))
    /* Capture error */ 
    while (1);
From the release notes:
This example shows how to configure the SysTick to generate a time base equal to 1 ms. The system clock is set to 168 MHz, the SysTick is clocked by the AHB clock (HCLK).
from the included system_stm32f4xx.c file

* HCLK(Hz) | 168000000
* AHB Prescaler | 1
Forgive me if i missed something obvious :)
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There are 168,000,000 clock cycle in a second. If you want 1000th of a second (1ms) you would divide that by 1000. Seems pretty straight forward. So it takes 168,000 clock cycles to reach 1000th of a second.


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I think what made me hate this is that a ton of the stuff isnt documented good like:

I wanted to know how the Compiler knew where the interrupt was for the SysTick and All other interrupts and it took me 3 hours to find the answer in the Startup file :(

; Vector Table Mapped to Address 0 at Reset
                AREA    RESET, DATA, READONLY
                EXPORT  __Vectors
                EXPORT  __Vectors_End
                EXPORT  __Vectors_Size

__Vectors       DCD     __initial_sp               ; Top of Stack
                DCD     Reset_Handler              ; Reset Handler
                DCD     NMI_Handler                ; NMI Handler
                DCD     HardFault_Handler          ; Hard Fault Handler
                DCD     MemManage_Handler          ; MPU Fault Handler
                DCD     BusFault_Handler           ; Bus Fault Handler
                DCD     UsageFault_Handler         ; Usage Fault Handler
                DCD     0                          ; Reserved
                DCD     0                          ; Reserved
                DCD     0                          ; Reserved
                DCD     0                          ; Reserved
                DCD     SVC_Handler                ; SVCall Handler
                DCD     DebugMon_Handler           ; Debug Monitor Handler
                DCD     0                          ; Reserved
                DCD     PendSV_Handler             ; PendSV Handler
                DCD     SysTick_Handler            ; SysTick Handler

                ; External Interrupts
                DCD     WWDG_IRQHandler                   ; Window WatchDog                                        
                DCD     PVD_IRQHandler                    ; PVD through EXTI Line detection                        
                DCD     TAMP_STAMP_IRQHandler             ; Tamper and TimeStamps through the EXTI line            
                DCD     RTC_WKUP_IRQHandler               ; RTC Wakeup through the EXTI line                       
                DCD     FLASH_IRQHandler                  ; FLASH                                           
                DCD     RCC_IRQHandler                    ; RCC                                             
                DCD     EXTI0_IRQHandler                  ; EXTI Line0                                             
                DCD     EXTI1_IRQHandler                  ; EXTI Line1                                             
                DCD     EXTI2_IRQHandler                  ; EXTI Line2                                             
                DCD     EXTI3_IRQHandler                  ; EXTI Line3                                             
                DCD     EXTI4_IRQHandler                  ; EXTI Line4                                             
                DCD     DMA1_Stream0_IRQHandler           ; DMA1 Stream 0                                   
                DCD     DMA1_Stream1_IRQHandler           ; DMA1 Stream 1                                   
                DCD     DMA1_Stream2_IRQHandler           ; DMA1 Stream 2                                   
                DCD     DMA1_Stream3_IRQHandler           ; DMA1 Stream 3                                   
                DCD     DMA1_Stream4_IRQHandler           ; DMA1 Stream 4                                   
                DCD     DMA1_Stream5_IRQHandler           ; DMA1 Stream 5                                   
                DCD     DMA1_Stream6_IRQHandler           ; DMA1 Stream 6                                   
                DCD     ADC_IRQHandler                    ; ADC1, ADC2 and ADC3s                            
                DCD     CAN1_TX_IRQHandler                ; CAN1 TX                                                
                DCD     CAN1_RX0_IRQHandler               ; CAN1 RX0                                               
                DCD     CAN1_RX1_IRQHandler               ; CAN1 RX1                                               
                DCD     CAN1_SCE_IRQHandler               ; CAN1 SCE                                               
                DCD     EXTI9_5_IRQHandler                ; External Line[9:5]s                                    
                DCD     TIM1_BRK_TIM9_IRQHandler          ; TIM1 Break and TIM9                   
                DCD     TIM1_UP_TIM10_IRQHandler          ; TIM1 Update and TIM10                 
                DCD     TIM1_TRG_COM_TIM11_IRQHandler     ; TIM1 Trigger and Commutation and TIM11
                DCD     TIM1_CC_IRQHandler                ; TIM1 Capture Compare                                   
                DCD     TIM2_IRQHandler                   ; TIM2                                            
                DCD     TIM3_IRQHandler                   ; TIM3                                            
                DCD     TIM4_IRQHandler                   ; TIM4                                            
                DCD     I2C1_EV_IRQHandler                ; I2C1 Event                                             
                DCD     I2C1_ER_IRQHandler                ; I2C1 Error                                             
                DCD     I2C2_EV_IRQHandler                ; I2C2 Event                                             
                DCD     I2C2_ER_IRQHandler                ; I2C2 Error                                               
                DCD     SPI1_IRQHandler                   ; SPI1                                            
                DCD     SPI2_IRQHandler                   ; SPI2                                            
                DCD     USART1_IRQHandler                 ; USART1                                          
                DCD     USART2_IRQHandler                 ; USART2                                          
                DCD     USART3_IRQHandler                 ; USART3                                          
                DCD     EXTI15_10_IRQHandler              ; External Line[15:10]s                                  
                DCD     RTC_Alarm_IRQHandler              ; RTC Alarm (A and B) through EXTI Line                  
                DCD     OTG_FS_WKUP_IRQHandler            ; USB OTG FS Wakeup through EXTI line                        
                DCD     TIM8_BRK_TIM12_IRQHandler         ; TIM8 Break and TIM12                  
                DCD     TIM8_UP_TIM13_IRQHandler          ; TIM8 Update and TIM13                 
                DCD     TIM8_TRG_COM_TIM14_IRQHandler     ; TIM8 Trigger and Commutation and TIM14
                DCD     TIM8_CC_IRQHandler                ; TIM8 Capture Compare                                   
                DCD     DMA1_Stream7_IRQHandler           ; DMA1 Stream7                                           
                DCD     FSMC_IRQHandler                   ; FSMC                                            
                DCD     SDIO_IRQHandler                   ; SDIO                                            
                DCD     TIM5_IRQHandler                   ; TIM5                                            
                DCD     SPI3_IRQHandler                   ; SPI3                                            
                DCD     UART4_IRQHandler                  ; UART4                                           
                DCD     UART5_IRQHandler                  ; UART5                                           
                DCD     TIM6_DAC_IRQHandler               ; TIM6 and DAC1&2 underrun errors                   
                DCD     TIM7_IRQHandler                   ; TIM7                   
                DCD     DMA2_Stream0_IRQHandler           ; DMA2 Stream 0                                   
                DCD     DMA2_Stream1_IRQHandler           ; DMA2 Stream 1                                   
                DCD     DMA2_Stream2_IRQHandler           ; DMA2 Stream 2                                   
                DCD     DMA2_Stream3_IRQHandler           ; DMA2 Stream 3                                   
                DCD     DMA2_Stream4_IRQHandler           ; DMA2 Stream 4                                   
                DCD     ETH_IRQHandler                    ; Ethernet                                        
                DCD     ETH_WKUP_IRQHandler               ; Ethernet Wakeup through EXTI line                      
                DCD     CAN2_TX_IRQHandler                ; CAN2 TX                                                
                DCD     CAN2_RX0_IRQHandler               ; CAN2 RX0                                               
                DCD     CAN2_RX1_IRQHandler               ; CAN2 RX1                                               
                DCD     CAN2_SCE_IRQHandler               ; CAN2 SCE                                               
                DCD     OTG_FS_IRQHandler                 ; USB OTG FS                                      
                DCD     DMA2_Stream5_IRQHandler           ; DMA2 Stream 5                                   
                DCD     DMA2_Stream6_IRQHandler           ; DMA2 Stream 6                                   
                DCD     DMA2_Stream7_IRQHandler           ; DMA2 Stream 7                                   
                DCD     USART6_IRQHandler                 ; USART6                                           
                DCD     I2C3_EV_IRQHandler                ; I2C3 event                                             
                DCD     I2C3_ER_IRQHandler                ; I2C3 error                                             
                DCD     OTG_HS_EP1_OUT_IRQHandler         ; USB OTG HS End Point 1 Out                      
                DCD     OTG_HS_EP1_IN_IRQHandler          ; USB OTG HS End Point 1 In                       
                DCD     OTG_HS_WKUP_IRQHandler            ; USB OTG HS Wakeup through EXTI                         
                DCD     OTG_HS_IRQHandler                 ; USB OTG HS                                      
                DCD     DCMI_IRQHandler                   ; DCMI                                            
                DCD     CRYP_IRQHandler                   ; CRYP crypto                                     
                DCD     HASH_RNG_IRQHandler               ; Hash and Rng
                DCD     FPU_IRQHandler                    ; FPU

__Vectors_Size  EQU  __Vectors_End - __Vectors


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Ok fun time... i havent actually checked my led pins with a analyzer to see if its doing time correctly but
/* Includes ------------------------------------------------------------------*/
#include "main.h"

static __IO uint32_t TimingDelay;

int main(void)

  /*!< At this stage the microcontroller clock setting is already configured, 
       this is done through SystemInit() function which is called from startup
       file (startup_stm32f4xx.s) before to branch to application main.
       To reconfigure the default setting of SystemInit() function, refer to
       system_stm32f4xx.c file

  /* SysTick end of count event each 1us */
  if (SysTick_Config(168))
    /* Capture error */ 
    while (1);

  /* All GPIO Clock Enabled... Must Enable this before you can change other GPIO Registers ******/
  RCC->AHB1ENR = 0xFF; 

  /* Initialize LEDs *****************/
    GPIOD->MODER = 0x55000000;     //Set the mode to OUTPUT for PD12:15
    GPIOD->OTYPER = 0x00;      //Set the TYPE to PUSH-PULL for all
    GPIOD->OSPEEDR = 0xFF000000;   //100/80 MHz Speed for leds
    GPIOD->PUPDR = 0x00;       //PULL-UP & PULL-DOWN DISABLED for all
  /* Turn on LEDs available on STM324xG-EVAL **********************************/
  GPIOD->BSRRL = 0xF000;
  while (1)
    /* Toggle Leds off */
    GPIOD->BSRRH = 0xF000;
    /* Insert 100 ms delay */

    /* Toggle Leds on */
    GPIOD->BSRRL = 0xF000;
    /* Insert 100 ms delay */

  * @brief  Inserts a delay time.
  * @param  nTime: specifies the delay time length, in 10 ms.
  * @retval None
void Delay(__IO uint32_t nTime, uint32_t base)
  TimingDelay = (nTime * base);

  while(TimingDelay != 0);

  * @brief  Decrements the TimingDelay variable.
  * @param  None
  * @retval None
void TimingDelay_Decrement(void)
  if (TimingDelay != 0x00)


  * @brief  Reports the name of the source file and the source line number
  *   where the assert_param error has occurred.
  * @param  file: pointer to the source file name
  * @param  line: assert_param error line source number
  * @retval None
void assert_failed(uint8_t* file, uint32_t line)
  /* User can add his own implementation to report the file name and line number,
     ex: printf("Wrong parameters value: file %s on line %d\r\n", file, line) */

  /* Infinite loop */
  while (1)

  * @}

/******************* (C) COPYRIGHT 2011 STMicroelectronics *****END OF FILE****/
Also i wasnt wrong then technically you could simply do: SysTick_Config(168000) for a 1ms time base then correct?
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