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step up voltage circuit

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Basma Assad

New Member
hi, i need help i want to charge my mobile phone from the solar cell which gives me 5V in a sunny day

this circuit still gives me the same input( output=input)
i want to change it in order to step up the voltage.
because i want to charge my phone indoor also using the solar panel

Nigel Goodwin

Super Moderator
Most Helpful Member
For a start I suggest you try measuring the amount of power you get from the cell, you'll probably find it's FAR too low inside to be of any use.
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New Member
Is this the same problem you started yesterday?:confused:

Basma Assad

New Member
iam asking for a circiut that step up the voltage from 3V to 6V can any one answer my question ???
just tell me how to modify my circuit


Well-Known Member
If it is a 5v panel and you are getting 3v, the current will be very low and not worth working with.

Why do you want 5v output?

How did your measure 58mW?


New Member
That's not the actual power output if you just multiply short circuit current and the open circuit voltage. It has to be measured simultaneously to get the real power available.
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